Customer Consumption Reports

Customers are welcome to review their individual water consumption history.
Account Number:
No dashes in the account number. Account numbers can be found on your monthly bill or by calling our office at 625-8409

Alternately, you can select a district and usage code.

We are pleased to provide you with the graphical information about your individual water use over the past 13 months. This web site is the first of its kind in the nation. We believe you will find it useful to compare your water use to that of your neighbors. Your account number is confidential, rest assured that no one but you will see your graphics, and that no one is going to know if the graph shows you are using more water than average.
We hope you will use the information to find areas of possible savings of water and dollars for your household. Enjoy the graphics and let us know what you think of this project. Your feedback is important to us. This is a pilot program made possible through the support from the Bureau of Reclamation in cooperation with the Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona, and the University of Arizona Water Research Center.